Is He into Me? 7 Signs to Look For


Romance can get confusing, especially in the very beginning when you and your potential boyfriend don’t fully know how you feel about each other yet.

You may struggle to read your crush’s feelings. It only makes it even more complicated since you know you have insecurities and biases clouding your judgment. Start by bringing down the anxiety levels and treat the situation as trivial as it is.

If he doesn’t like you, you have time and energy to find a new human connection. Even more terrifying, what if he did have feelings for you? You are thinking, “Maybe he likes me”.

Either way, it’s understandable to want an answer. Since he may not say it directly, you have to use the clues he doesn’t even know he’s giving off. Look for these 7 signs that your “friend” wants to pursue a steady relationship.

1. Body Language


People communicate more with their body language and facial expressions than the actual words they use. Most of this communication happens subconsciously, so he probably doesn’t have great control over it.

Look for these body language indicators of his interest in you:

  • Body facing you
  • Eye contact
  • Physical closeness as opposed to a lot of space
  • Smiling a lot
  • Becoming “in sync” in your movements

2. Making Himself Available

We all have time-consuming responsibilities that can sincerely make it difficult to make every event we want to attend. However, no matter how busy a person gets, they always make time for the things that matter the most to them.

If he wants to spend time with you, he will make that a priority. This shows undeniable effort that you should consider a compliment (and make time for him in your busy schedule, too).

3. Includes You in Outings with Friends

Even well past middle age, guys like to rag on each other if one seems enamored with a girl. Many guys avoid mixing the two worlds for as long as possible to maintain face in front of the boys.

If your guy doesn’t mind inviting you out with his friends and showing you attention in front of the group, it demonstrates security in his masculinity. It also shows that he doesn’t mind embarrassing himself to make you happy (start looking up matching Halloween costumes now).

4. Initiates Conversation

Take a quick glance at your phone log with the boy in question. Looking through it, who tends to reach out first? It may open your eyes to how often you text him when he never does. Alternatively, you may notice his efforts a little more if he has been the one taking the initiative to talk to you.

Let your communication habits continue naturally, but that does indicate how much he likes talking to you.

5. He Listens

Meaningful conversation can create more lustful desires and sincere connections than any romantic comedy ever could. Think about the conversations you and your crush have. If you take each other to vulnerable places and still make each other feel safe, you can take that as an indication you can continue to build on that solid foundation of open and honest conversation.

6. Shows You Respect

We live in a culture where some guys send an emoji to a girl after midnight and don’t need to put in any additional effort than that. You deserve better, and he needs to know you deserve better.

When things heat up, you can’t completely fault him for allowing his naughty side to show a bit. However, he needs to learn and respect his boundaries.

Some rare breeds will not pressure for physical connection too fast and will even make a point to open doors for you and bring you home on time when you have other obligations. If he insists on treating you with respect, he looks at you as someone who deserves it. Accept the treatment.

7. He Expresses His Romantic Feelings

If a guy calls you sweet pet names and speaks in a lovey-dovey tone, he may want to express his soft side to you. Most guys don’t do that unless interested in a young lady.

You also want to pay close attention to the content of his smooth talk. Is he complimenting your physical appearance or your personality/talents? Does he say he wants a relationship soon, or does he seem disinterested in being a couple?

Finally, if he tells you he has feelings for you, he probably does. Allow yourself to believe him and give it a try.

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